Web Liberation

Posted by on November 29, 2010 at 5:45 pm.

WordPress does it all for you. You can even change your layout if you’re bored with it, thanks to creative commons and new designers trying out their stuff online. Other websites like blogger and livejournal are the same, providing endless edits for previously designed layouts – you can be as creative and original as you want without any idea what goes on behind the scenes.

So just like every other part of our convenient lives has the virtual world provided us with the illusion of control. Instead of plumbers and electricians we need web designers and I.T. experts to solve the problems of the things we rely on for our daily existence. This concerns me.

To prove that I could, and with a bit of help from the online DIY community and Daniel Williams, I designed the website for up-and-coming business L’esprit fran├žais, an online language centre.

Granted, some code is borrowed and some pages still rely on prefabricated design to function. But like a layman’s first foray into the world of doing it yourself projects, I feel liberated. I now know far more than I ever though I would about how a website works, how pages are coded, how servers handle the files used to ensure the site functions correctly.

So I present to you frenchspirit.ca – my very first website. Certainly not my last.

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