Dear Facebook: It’s not me, it’s you.

Posted by on July 14, 2012 at 1:45 am.

I didn’t like you very much, to tell the truth, when we were first introduced.

But all my friends kept telling me how wonderful you were and that I should give you a chance, so I did.

It was great at the beginning. You were hypnotic. You gave me attention I never got before, made sure my whole friends list remembered my birthday and that made sure I got invites to all their parties.

Then you started getting a bit pushy. You started trying to get me to play games I didn’t want to play and buy things I wasn’t interested in buying. There was that incident when you got my mother involved in our life. There are some things a girl does not need her mother to know.

Not that it’s all your fault. Being with you meant I could show off. The voyeur in me wanted to know all your hot gossip. How that girl from high school (the girl everyone thought was so hot) got really fat after she had her baby. It’s awful but you made me feel really good when you showed me how bad she looked in her profile picture.

But you were taking up so much of my time. You were an addiction and it didn’t help that you were so good at making me think people were actually interested in me. I was obsessed, checking in a few times a day just to see what news you had to feed me. I just couldn’t quit you.

There was that last straw. One thing to remind me just how awful you were.

Remember when I found out, in public, that you weren’t even into me? You were just using me to get my information and sell it to the highest bidder. It made me feel cheap, deceived.

I know it’s just business but I really fell for you! You said you were sorry, you’d change. You offered me a way to make sure it never happened again. Offered more privacy.

I never really got over that betrayal.

I guess I wanted it to be OK, so I accepted your apology and went on spending time with you. But it wasn’t OK.

Let’s be honest: the magic is gone.

You’re just not the same anymore, Facebook. You’re not a social network, you’re a social black hole and I was getting sucked in.

It’s over, Facebook. I’m hiding your statuses from the wall of my life. I’m deactivating my profile for the last time. And don’t even bother sending me an e-mail because I’m not going to answer.


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