A moment of kite flying.

Posted by on July 13, 2010 at 12:46 am.

On the set time of May 2nd, 2010 at 11:00am Eastern Standard Time the New York Times photo blog asked people from around the world to make one photograph to submit for a project called A Moment in time.

The concept is not new. The Times’ editors acknowledged this. Their intention was not to invent but simply preserve this piece of history, a time when more people than ever have cameras that can make lasting photos.

Since I had decided to participate in this event, I made sure I was ready to do something interesting when 11:00 rolled around. I found an event north of Toronto at the Kortright Centre for Conservation. The first weekend in May just happened to be the Toronto Kite Flyers’ annual meeting at Kortright.

Almost late, I managed to make it into the field at exactly 10:58 and began to photograph. Most of my photos were generic landscape shots. I had no time to plan and I tripped on my biggest fault, which is getting rushed and forgetting to plan.

At 11:02 I found the photograph I wanted to submit. A young Sheikh boy in an orange turban had decided to separate from the crowd on the kite flying field . He was running up and down a dandelion-covered hill, trying to make his kite fly.

I chatted with the kite flyers and discovered that the core members of the organization were pretty extreme enthusiasts. One pointed to a huge, multicoloured frog that was beginning to float up. “That one’s handmade,” he said flippantly, then waved at the decorated sky around it. “So are those.”

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